February 17, 2007

What Have I Done?

I'll tell you what I've done. I've sent in my e mail application to play SOCK MADNESS!

I think I must be crazy. If my application is accepted, I'll be in a speed knitting competition to knit seven (7!) pairs of socks. And here's the kicker, none of them will fit me. To keep the competition fair, all players will be knitting the same patterns to the same specs (number of stitches and repeats). All the patterns accommodate an average adult woman's foot. My feet are smaller than average. The rationale as to why I'm okay with this is that all these socks (all seven!) will be lovely gifts for someone, someday.

For the record, I blame Jo for bringing Sock Madness to my attention. She blogged about it and I just couldn't help but go check it out. I was tempted to sign up and I told her so. Then she blogged again about how we all must join and called me (and others) out specifically. We must join! It's just too much fun not to! No one cares that we all always have too many WIP's and plans for future projects to take on anything new. It's madness! It says so right there in the name!

So there I was, trying to ignore the temptation, trying to ignore Jo's infectious enthusiasm. "I'll just have fun watching from the sidelines," I told myself. When somehow...mysteriously...my hands just typed up the application. They typed that sucker up and hit the send button. See how the madness works?

It really is too much fun not to join.

So now I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear if I get in.

For the sake of this competition, perhaps it will be best if my hands continue to operate independent of my mind. They're the ones who've signed me up for this, they're the ones who've got to do the knitting. They better not come crying when some fair isle or complicated lace starts throwing its weight around.

UPDATE: My applications was received and accepted. It is ON!