February 5, 2007

Monday Blues

It's the yarn that's blue. Not me. I feel great today, why thank you.

I'm about to start my next project. I'm going to make the
Pea Pod Baby Set again. I made it last month in green with pink heart buttons for a brand new baby girl (see yesterday's post for picture). I used Classic Elite Inspiration which is 50% Cotton, 50% Cashmere. It's spectacular yarn, especially for a baby because it's so smooth and soft. It's delightful to work with and has fantastic stitch definition.

This time I'm making the set for a brand new baby boy. The yarn will be blue. Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not one of these uber-traditionalists who insists on pink for girls and blue for boys. I think lots of colors can be completely adorable for all children. So it's not that this set must be blue for the sake of blue. Instead it just happens that the two good yarn options I have for this sweater are blue. And the blue really will be a very cute foil for the leaf lace pattern.

My problem is that I'm struggling to decide which yarn to use.

Option #1, Patons Supersoft, 62.5% Cotton, 37.5% Acrylic:

This was my original plan. I scored this yarn off my mom who admitted she was never going to use it and did I want it? (Did I want it? Uh, yeah. Free yarn? Gee twist my arm.) So anyway, I swatched with this yarn (washed the swatch and everything) and decided it would be perfect. But then I recieved as a Christmas gift (also from Mom. I have a great mom.)...

Option #2, Classic Elite Inspiration, 50% Cotton, 50% Cashmere

And well, as I may have mentioned (ahem) I love this yarn. Plus I love that deeper blue. It's a less traditional baby blue (not that there's anything wrong with traditional, of course.)

Here they are, competing for attention. Naughty, naughty boys, turning me all around, confusing me with their pros and trying to distract me from their cons.

The Classic Elite is a color that pleases me and a yarn that delights me. High quality yarn makes for a high quality gift. And I don't have to be the one who hand washes it after the baby pukes on it.

The Patons is a cute color. It's fine to work with. It's machine washable.

Do you see where I'm going here? The Classic Elite is the selfish choice. The Patons is the considerate choice. Brand new parents will appreciate machine washable. Their not knitters. They don't know from "drape" and "stitch definition".

I really should use the Patons. And hey, at least I got to make the green one in the Classic Elite.