February 16, 2007

Need to Finish the Finishing

I've been clicking along on my Pea Pod set. Here's my current status:

Body and sleeves have been blocking. They're dry and ready to be un-pinned I just haven't done it yet. I left the shoulder stitches live on holders so I can graft the shoulders instead of seaming them. I don't think it makes a great deal of difference on this sweater, but I'm trying to be a more diligent finisher in general and grafting shoulder stitches is something I want to do more often. I think it does make a difference on adult sweaters.

Another example of my being a more diligent finisher is all the pins. I used to use the barest minimum of pins. Pure laziness. This time, more pins!

All the knitting and weaving in of ends is done on the hat, but I need to block that little guy.

Now I just need to fight the urge to procrastinate the final finishing. The recipient of this sweater had a due date of this coming Monday. He arrived a little early and I felt bad I didn't have the set ready for him. So I'm going to give myself this weekend to finish the finishing. It might be cute to give him the gift on the day that was supposed to be his birthday.