February 28, 2007

Dragon Scarf Finished

I've finished the Dragon Scarf for my 3 year old nephew. I bought this kit online from Morehouse Farm.

This was a really fun knit. It's worth buying this kit and making the scarf just to see how those spikes along the dragon's back are made. I found it cool every single time I made one. I am easily amused, but I swear it's a nifty technique.

The Morehouse Merino yarn was nice to work with. When it came time to join the other ball of yarn, I did a very successful "spit join". I didn't actually spit on the yarn, though you certainly can, but just dunked the two ends in some water and then rubbed the ends together in my hand. The ends felted together very easily and almost invisibly. The join is completely invisible now it's knitted up and I didn't have any extra ends to weave in. Love that!

I think this scarf is so cute. I can't wait to give it to my nephew. (We fly out there tomorrow.) With any luck, I'll get some pictures of him wearing the scarf, but I'm not counting on it. They move pretty fast at that age.