February 13, 2007

My Hats Are Off

I packaged up hats to be sent out into the world today. I wish them godspeed. May they bring a smile to someone's face.

First up are these which I made for a pair of twins. Because even twins can be like apples and oranges.

The red and orange MC is Blue Sky Cotton. All I can tell you about the green and brown CC is that it was random stash yarn. I didn't follow any pattern for these. I once saw a picture of an apple hat like that online, but I just used what I had to get the same look. The orange hat was my own idea. It's just a beanie style hat in seed stitch. I did follow directions for the leaves, but for the life of me, I can't remember where the directions came from, sorry. (I made these hats months ago. I'm a slacker for only sending them now.)

Then there are the Fun Fur hats. Kate at Minestrone Soup has been collecting hats for Children's Hospital Boston. It's a lovely cause. Here's my small bit to help out. Two No Hair Day hats of green fun fur. And one Mohawk hat of my own design. The Mohawk hat is green Fun Fur and Blue Sky Organic Cotton.

As modeled by my DH, Chris. He was very insistent that the picture not include his face. (He's so cute, even when you can't see his face.)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Whatever your feelings about this holiday, I hope your day is filled with happiness. Or at least chocolate.