April 19, 2007

Sock and Frog

I've finished the first of the Mad Color Weave socks. It's posing here with my new knitting mascot. This frog was a gift selected for me by my four year old nephew. He's four. He has no idea how perfect it is to give a knitter a frog. But he's clearly got some serious gift picking mojo developing.

I'm hoping by making this frog the mascot of my knitting (live with the stash, hang out with me during knitting time) it will want to be the only frog around and keep the other kind of frog at bay. If this frog should decide it needs friends and feels like inviting that other frog to Casa de Golden Purl, well then, maybe it'll help me keep a good sense of humor about it all.

So do you think my new frog is a boy or a girl? And further to that, what do you think it wants its name to be? If you're not backing away slowly, sure that this time I've really lost my mind, I'd love opinions. Sir Frogington? Lady Frogette Me Not? Frogga Logga Ding Dong?