April 16, 2007

Bobbing and Weaving

Round Four of Sock Madness has been a great spectator's race. Lots of excitement, drama, amazing gallantry, thrilling highs, crushing lows and creamy middles.

I've been slowly knitting along on the sidelines. I'm currently creeping my way through the first heel flap.

Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Cabin Fever Colorway. I'm lovin' this colorway. I think I'll be keeping these socks for me. Mwaahaahaa, mine, all mine! (Settle down, Coco. Your request for socks is duly noted. And these aren't your colors anyway.)

Before this pattern was released, the organizers gave us a teaser for future rounds. They said one pattern would have "stitches just dangling...you pray you don’t accidentally drop the hanging stitches..." Well that phrase struck fear into our poor, knitter hearts but inspired some very funny, sock-themed, horror movie title parodies. My two favorites both came from Techno-knitter: The Am-knitting-ville Horror and Terror on Size 00 DPN's. Tee hee, giggle, giggle.

Anyway, this is the pattern with the dangling stitches. Just letting those stitches hang out there did make me very nervous early on. But now that I've finished one leg, I've gotten all bold and a little cocky about it. I'm all, "Yeah, that's right, I'm just gonna drop this stitch. Nah, I'm not worried. It'll stay. 'Cause I'm just that good, baby." It's really not me that's so good, though. It's the genius of the stitch pattern that makes it work. It's modified from a Barbara Walker, bien sur. Kudos, of course, also go to sock designer Tina Lorin for figuring out the modification.

The pattern is slow and fiddly but I do feel quite the sense of accomplishment for even getting this far. In fact, I want to go knit more. Right now. Toodles.