September 1, 2008

An Actual Post With Actual FO's

What do you do when the Shout Gel (a nursery necessity) tends to live, unsafely, on the edge of the crib because it's close to the hamper there?

You knit it a little hammock, of course!

Problem solved.

Okay, well that's a fairly lame FO, but its creation was something of a revelation because I knit about half of it while nursing the baby.

It helped me realize that given the right type of project (small, mostly mindless, ideally on circulars) I could knit while feeding the babe. This got me all excited and itching to knit. But, alas, none of my current projects (I really need to do a wip post) fit the bill. Well, gee, I just had to start up a new project then, didn't I?

I cast on the Easy Baby Cardigan using some Misti International Pima Cotton/Silk. I'm really pleased with it. I used YO's to increase at the raglan lines. I also added an eyelet row on the cuffs and hem, which was an idea I completely ripped off from someone on Ravelry.

It's currently big on her, which is what I wanted. But not so big that she can't model it.

(Lying on my back on the floor holding the camera while Minnie is sitting on my tummy.)

Unfortunately, my knitting while nursing came to an end while working on this sweater. My poor girl has developed painful reflux. She's always been a big spitter upper, but now it really hurts her. To try to ease her discomfort, I've changed her feeding position and I'm no longer hands free while nursing. It's a no-brainer decision, of course, because the new position does help a bit. The meds (prevacid) and time will take care of the rest.

Take care until next time.