June 24, 2008


Just a quick post to say I'm still here and we're doing great. Minnie Purl is an angel. She's taking it really easy on her poor parents. Maybe she knows how terrified I was of this whole parenting thing and has taken it upon herself to show me just how much fun it can be.

We have a great time hanging out together, smiling, talking, playing games. I have so much fun with her that I haven't done much knitting or had much time on the computer, hence the lack of blogging. And while I probably haven't commented on your blog, I've been trying to more or less keep up with reading them.

Now, you may think it looks like Minnie is lying on a decent amount of knitting there. You're correct that this wip baby blanket is a bit over half finished. Thing is, I started it long before she was born (early March, I think). I just never got around to writing about it. I've only completed a few rows here and there in the past two months.

It's made with Suss Bomull in three colors: The pink border, a solid green and a variegated. It's a simple, stockinette square with garter edges. I'm using intarsia for the color changes. It's easy enough to pick up and drop at a moments notice, but the intarsia keeps things fun if I do work on it for a while.

Minnie even tried to work a few stitches.