April 15, 2008

Baby Stuff

Today is my due date. It's also tax day. We sent our taxes last week, but our little deduction has yet to make an appearance. Saw the doctor today and he says everything looks good and it won't be much longer now. God love him, he also said he thinks it'll be a pretty fast birth. Even if he's just saying that to make me feel better, I don't care, it was nice to hear.

Meanwhile, some unbelievably wonderful gifts have arrived for Minne Purl.

Christene sent this beautiful Baby Surprise Jacket. It is drop-dead gorgeous. The colors are perfect and the knitting is flawless. Minnie will be the best dressed baby around when she's wearing this.

Check out the adorable buttons!

She also sent a super cute, wee, tiny sock. I luurve it!

And Whitney sent some fantastic Saartje's Bootees. The green color she used is so up my ally. And I love the toggle buttons. Whitney is handier with a camera than I am and she has some excellent photos of these booties on her blog. I must admit, when I saw that post, I really hoped I was going to be the lucky recipient.

Thank you both so much! I am completely blown away by your thoughtfulness and generosity. It means so much to me to be able to wrap my little babe in hand-knit love.

In the great minds think alike department (?), I have also recently made some Saartje's Bootees. These are for my college roommate who just had a baby boy. I used Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Sand Ridge colorway and US 2 needles.

That's all for now, I need to go put my feet up.