December 4, 2007

Single Sock Outbreak

Normally, I'm a very diligent second sock knitter. However a recent confluence of events has me knitting only single socks. I gotta say, I rather enjoy it.

About a month ago, the talented and generous Whitney sent me this adorable project bag.

Inside was one Tabi Sock from Knitting Classic Style as well as the pattern and enough yarn so that I could knit the second sock to complete the pair.

I was so thrilled. I had been wanting a pair of tabi socks and now I was half way there. Not only that, but I had never seen this particular pattern before and I felt like it was the tabi sock pattern I had been waiting for. Furthermore, Whitney picked the perfect color and yarn, Knit Picks Essential in Pumpkin.

I had a blast with this pattern and I adore the finished pair. I was delighted with the ease I had matching Whitney's gauge. She used US 2 bamboo dpn's while I used US 1 aluminum dpn's, but the socks match perfectly. Despite the perfect match, I'll always know that the left sock was knit for me. I love that.

I finished the sock the night before we left town for Hawaii. Could not have been better timing. It was cold and grey in the morning when we were headed to the airport. I wore my new socks with my flip flops and my feet were cozy and warm. Airport security was a breeze because I only had to kick off the flip flops but didn't have to get skeeved out walking barefoot through the airport. My feet were comfy on the plane and when we landed in Hawaii, I simply slipped the socks off and was ready for the tropical weather that greeted us outside.

I found wearing this pair of socks to satisfy my soul in a way I'd never really experienced. I felt the pride and satisfaction I get from wearing my own hand knits, but I also got that special feeling you can only get from wearing something made for you by someone else. All in one pair of socks. Brilliant.

Given how much joy that gave me, I'm so glad I can contribute to sharing that feeling with two other people.

See, I had also sent a single sock with pattern and yarn to Debra of Molecular Knitting. I sent her one Twisted Flower sock.

It's a fairly complex pattern. I really enjoyed knitting this sock but did feel a wee bit gleeful when I didn't have to knit the second, complex sock. I've always admired the pattern and wanted to try my hand at it, but I just kind of knew it would be the sort of project where I might run out of steam. Having the excuse, uh, I mean, opportunity to knit only one was pretty great.

The final, single sock is for my Mom. When she was visiting back in the summer, I did some hard core sock knitting enabling on her and got her to knit her very first sock. She finished all but kitchenering up the toe and then fell prey to second sock syndrome. When she went back home, she left her sock behind with the plea that maybe I would knit the second sock for her.

Well, I couldn't say no to that. But I can procrastinate like crazy.

I've only just finished up the gusset decreases. My thinking, at this point, is that I'll give her the finished pair for Christmas, making this one sock the only Christmas knitting I'm doing.

There. I said it. I'm knitting one, super-simple sock as my Only. Christmas. Knitting.

I had lost my knitting mojo for so long. Now it's back and I only want to knit Oblique for myself. My goal is to have it finished before I go back East for Christmas. And I don't feel the least bit bad about that, either.