August 10, 2007

All Wound Up

I'm loving the contest entries. There are some really beautiful stories in there. Keep 'em coming. The contest is open all month.

The other day, my Bee Fields Shawl kit arrived from Wooly Wonka Fibers. I ordered the Tupelo Gold colorway. I gotta say, the gorgeousness of this colorway is very high on the list of reasons I'm attracted to this shawl.

I was so enthralled with the beauty and softness of the yarn, I dove right in and started winding all 1200 yds of the skein. By hand.

It took a long time to wind that all up. I even had to take a few breaks. By the end, I was wondering why I've always told myself I can live without a ball winder. For the first time ever, I was gripped with longing for a ball winder.

I have the best husband ever. You know what he got me for our anniversary? A ball winder! I hadn't even told him how much I was wanting one. And he didn't even know how very long it took me to wind up that laceweight because he wasn't here while I wound. He completely read my mind.

I'm so looking forward to playing with my new toy.

Though, I think I am now in the market for a swift.

I'm going to need a swift to go with the winder, aren't I? Does anyone have any swift recommendations?