July 5, 2007

I Think I Have Startitis

Hey look. A sock!
Did it work? Did I distract you from elaborating on my title?

Oh, fine. I'll fess up.

Since finishing Mom's Shawl, I seem to be only starting projects. Not so much finishing.

There are the two Presto Chango's which are only a little bit further along then when last seen. I'm only on the foot of the first Loksins! (the one that toured San Francisco with me). I cast on for Spiral Boot Socks (from Summer '07 IK) with the Koigu seen here, but I've only done about 9 rounds. And then, of course, there's the single sock in the picture.

This is not a critical case of startitis. I think we've caught it in the early stages. Early identification is important with this sort of thing. My proposed course of treatment is first to finish the mate to the sock above. It will then be important to go on to finish other wip's. Especially those baby sweaters. One of the babies has already been born, for cryin' out loud. Should I find myself starting something else new, instead of turning my attention back to items on the needles, then things may be more serious. Stay tuned.

P.S. The sock in the picture is a No Pattern Sock Formula sock from Knitting Rules! Made using FDC Zarina in colors 1734 (the green) and 1743 (the orange). It's not technically sock yarn but it's super soft 100% washable merino, knit on US 2 (2.75mm) aluminum dpn's. It's yarn. I made a sock. Good enough for me.