June 30, 2007

And How Have YOU Been?

Hiya! Sorry for the long blog silence.

Well, let's dive right into getting (more or less) caught up. I've been silent lately because I had a while of very busy work. Thankfully, everything went smoothly and pleasantly. It was just very, very busy, leaving no time for blogging. Immediately after that, Chris and I went on a five day trip to San Francisco. (More on that later.) I don't own a laptop so I couldn't blog on vacation. Even if I wanted to. We got back from San Fransisco and the next day my Mom came to town to stay with us for a month long visit. I've spent the last few days hanging out with my Mom and not on the computer. She did bring her shawl, wears it often and looks fabulous doing so.

So anyway, San Francisco. We left on June 21st, the first day of summer, therefore also the first day of Summer of Socks 2007.

It only made sense to cast on a pair of of socks (Loksins!) at the gate in the Airport. I'm using Fearless Fibers in Chocolate Pink Cherry colorway.

Departing LAX.

It was a gorgeous weekend with perfect weather the whole time. We had a complete blast.

We stayed in the Union Square area.

Sock in Union Square

I totally didn't realize that Artfibers has a lovely store right near Union Square. I was wandering around the walking distance area from our hotel when I saw this:

What a delightful surprise! You know I went in. I met Kira, who was very friendly and welcoming. I told her how just the day before we left, I had received my order of Ming yarn. (I'm going to have to save my Ming yarn show and tell for another post, okay?) She put on a very good show of being not at all appalled that I had recently spent so much money with her online without even knowing where she was located or realizing I would be staying right around the corner from said location so soon. She's very sweet like that.

I hope you'll enjoy some sock as tourist pictures because ready or not, here they come.

We rode the cable cars.

We went to China town.

In China town, I saw this funny frog. He was nice enough to hold my sock for me.

You know my theory that if the knitting is allowed to be exposed to more literal frogs, the other kind of frog will be kept at bay.

We went to Lombard Street. I probably should have been working on this sock there.

I then walked down the hill to Ghirardelli Square.

Because it was so clear and beautiful, I had a great view of Alcatraz.

Here's a final, parting shot with a very important message.

Knit no evil.