May 10, 2007

Mailman Brings Yarny Goodness

I had a little on-line yarn buying incident a few days ago. Punching in my info, I say, "Mailman, bring it!" A few days later, mailman says, "Oh, it is so broughten!"

All of the following goodies are from Fearless Fibers. This is my first time buying from Fearless Fibers and I have to say it was a wonderful experience with very thorough, friendly and quick service. They have beautiful, well priced, hand-dyed and hand painted yarns. I haven't knit them yet, but they look and feel wonderful. But what really slays me, just flat-out floors me, are the colors. It's like they came over to my house, scrutinized my wardrobe, peeked in my make-up bag, chatted with my hair colorist and best friends and then dyed some yarn just for me.

Let's start with the sock yarn in "Chocolate Pink Cherry" colorway.

I've been finding myself very drawn to brown and pink combinations lately and was looking for sock yarn in just the right color. This is it! Haven't picked a pattern yet, but all in good time.

Oh, and get a load of the yardage.

Can you see it there on the label? That 550yds, folks! With that much, I can possibly get two pairs of socks out of this skein. Certainly, if one pair is striped. Maybe more Mad Cows? Ya know, a good pair.

Righty-o, moving on. Not that I want to leave the sock yarn. It's just there's more yumminess to show you. Here we have 50% Alpaca, 50% Merino DK weight in "Bountiful" colorway. Sage, cocoa, terracotta, brick, gold...hand me the smelling salts, I'm swooning again.

There's enough here for a sweater. I'm not sure exactly which sweater, but my preliminary thought is something along the lines of Carolyn.

Okay, one more thing to show. 100% Merino Worsted/Bulky weight in "Butterscotch Twist" colorway. This is for a secret project for which I have very high hopes.

The only weirdness hushing my gig is that when I took the yarn out of the resealable plastic bags in which it arrived, there was an unpleasant smell. I'm pretty sure the smell is from the bags, not the yarn, though. 'Cause after having the yarn out for the photos, the smell on the yarn was abating, but the bags still smelled. Also, it was the same smell for all three yarns and all three bags. They are good, sturdy bags though and it feels wasteful to just throw them out. Well, that and I'm low on my own resealable plastic bags right now. So what I did - and, please, please let me know if this is, for any reason, ill-advised - is put a dryer sheet in the bags when I sealed the yarn back in them. What do you think, will that do the trick? Or should I just toss the bags when I get some more of my own?