March 24, 2007

Stop the Madness

I'm out of Sock Madness.

Before I tell you more, you must go check out the poem Cindy wrote for Round Two Eve. Hilarious!

I was up against the formidable Jo for round 2 and she has won the race. There is a beautiful symmetry to this. Jo was the one who got me into Sock Madness so there's no one I'd rather have take me out.

I'll also mention that Jo was first to finish in our division and in the top five of round two finishers! Quite the little speed demon, that Jo.

The pattern was called Madtini. It has an unusual cuff and then a really nifty textured pattern which creates a spiral down the leg.

The cuff and leg stitches are made with lots of YO's and PSSO's. I found it very slow. My yarn had a tendency to split, but that may have just been because my needles weren't sharp enough, dunno. When I dropped a stitch (which I did more than a few times), it was a real pain picking it back up. These issues made it super hard for me to speed knit. I tried to maintain focus, not lose my place in the pattern and shoot for stamina over speed. But man, oh man, was I getting tired after finishing just the leg on the first sock.

A little after midnight, Sadie let me know it was time for bed.

I got a good night's sleep and got back to it the next morning. After turning the heel, I flew along the plain stockinette foot. I did take the time to do a nice Kitchner toe. While this sock took longer to make than necessary to win my round, it did come out nicely. I will give these socks as a gift. These I will be proud of, unlike the Mad Cows I gave away.

Progress got achingly slow again when I started on the next sock. After turning the heel and picking up the gusset stitches, I took a quick break to check in on everyone else's progress. Well I'll be! Jo had just posted her finished picture.

So there you have it. I was done.

I put that sock down and went outside to take a walk with Chris and Sadie. I'll finish these socks eventually. But the panicked, hand-hurting rush is over. Ahhh...