March 27, 2007

Now What?

Eventually, I finished the Madtini socks.

Before Sock Madness started, I wondered if I would keep knitting the sock patterns after being eliminated from the competition.

At this point (post-elimination), I'm leaning towards YES, I will keep knitting the patterns.

Here are the reasons why:

1. I have plenty of sock yarn. In addition to the yarn I purchased in preparation for Sock Madness, I might have bought some more since then.

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, Tuscany colorway.

Last weekend, I went on a yarn crawl with my dear friend, Leslie and my new friend, Jackie. We went to three different yarn stores. At the last one, A Mano Yarn Center, after having already spent way too much money, I saw this yarn. They have a really excellent sock yarn selection, probably the best of the LYS's I know. I thought I was going to be able to stay strong in the face of this wonderful selection, but I absolutely could not resist this colorway. I mean c'mon! Even the name is irresistible. Even though I bought this, I still feel like I stayed (relatively) strong. You should have seen all the sock yarn I didn't buy.

At that store anyway.

Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids, Loden colorway.

I got this at the first store we went to on the yarn crawl, Compatto. They are so nice there. They really love getting to know their customers. And they love socks, too! The sock yarn display is positioned one half step into the store. This color is a perfect Jean green. I couldn't leave it behind.

2. Now that I will no longer be knitting the Mad Patterns for competition, I can feel free to modify with abandon. Not that I necessarily will modify them all that much (if at all), but I like the freedom.

3. The patterns are a prize unto themselves. If I don't knit them, it's like I don't get that prize.

4. I'll learn new things. As the patterns become more complex, I expect new techniques will show up. Even if it's something I've done before, lace or cables for example, I have not yet done those techniques on socks. And when something I've never done before (fair isle?) shows up, the sock will be a great learning ground.

5. Camaraderie. This has really been my favorite part of Sock Madness anyway. Meeting new people, cheering each other on, sharing frantic confusion and sorting it out together has made Sock Madness a blast. Knitting the socks from the bleachers is a way to keep the camaraderie going.

There is one more reason. But you're going to have to come back tomorrow for that.

Until then, here's some fun from the non-knitting, yet easily-amused department:
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