December 19, 2007


I was e mailing with Margaret (who is making fabulous mittens - go check 'em out) a few days ago and told her I feared I would get distracted from knitting the sleeves for my Oblique by a pair of stranded mittens.

While I can honestly say I have not cast on a pair of mittens, I must admit to succumbing to the distraction.

I remembered some yarn in my stash which might just be perfect for something in Selbuvotter and started to swatch.

I swatched the cuff pattern (chart A) from NHM #9. After finishing the main pattern, I looked at my little tube and thought of this post of Ali's. I couldn't help but throw some sleeves on there for a mini Selbu sweater.

ChapStick included for scale.

I'm going to make a little coat hanger out of some red pipe cleaner and give this to my Mom as a Christmas tree ornament. (It's been at least 20 years since she's had any hand made tree decorations from me.)

Oh, and by the way... my gauge is perfect for the mittens. Think I'll get back to those sleeves or am I lost to the mittens?